As members of Trust Advice we are excited to welcome you to the ever growing Charity Essentials Library. This unique resource is available for all members.

The library is a vast and detailed range of our latest materials to assist you in being the best that you and your charity can be. Our search facility will enable you to quickly find documents, information and to view or download materials. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or have a question, please do get in touch.

The library includes:

  • Core Policies
  • Common Policies
  • Specialist Policies

  • Templates
  • Briefings
  • White Papers

Here are some suggestions to get the most of out the library. You can use it…

  • …to find specific things like a template or policy, information on roles and responsibilities, or briefing papers on particular subjects.
  • …to keep up to date with latest advice and matters affecting charities.
  • …as an opportunity to take a break and enjoy browsing with a cup of coffee. Our white papers offer more extensive guidance on subjects and make a good read. Or how about watching a video?

One final thing. It’s easy to pick up a document and put your details on it. Implementing more radical cultural change takes work and commitment by everyone involved.

For further advice and information on implementation, training, work-stream reviews, or any other charity issues such as troubleshooting, please do get in touch.