Thank you for taking time to find out more about us. We exist because organisations like yours need support to carry out the amazing work you do. It is a wonderful privilege to stand behind so many incredible stories; but we have our story too. If you are wondering who we are, what we stand for, and why we are still here after 25 years, please read on.

Celebrating 25 years of support

Daryl Martin started Independent Examiners almost 25 years ago. He is well known around the charity sector and has built on 30 years in the banking sector by serving another 25 years in the charity world. Daryl founded this business and has remained at the core of its relational style. So many of our clients, some of whom have been around since those early days, would say they are with us because of Daryl. Originally the business was focused on independent examinations for charities – that’s where it all started. Independent Examiners Ltd is still going strong and over the years has looked after the accounting needs of thousands of charities. Daryl is still involved in the background at IEL, and today there’s a great team of specialists providing the UK’s leading Independent Examination service. Do check out their website:

In 2010, after years of building his network of trusted friends and clients, Daryl set up Advice For the Voluntary Sector (known as AFVS) as a support and advice organisation to provide ongoing charity advice and training. This new venture grew and brought together a diverse range of staff and partners capable of handling all manner of charity matters.

Ten years later...

The team has established itself and AFVS has developed into a high quality resource. As a membership organisation, it was designed to benefit both larger and smaller charities & churches that needed an outside resource. At the end of 2019 Daryl began exploring the hope of a quieter life! He had often spoken of such a transition but the timing never felt right. This time however, he was determined to reshape things. Over the months that followed into 2020 he successfully moved the ownership and responsibility of the business into family hands, in the shape of his daughter and son-in-law. As the business made its transition in March 2020, so the world moved into some very unknown territory. After a complex year, both internally and in the country, we are delighted to start this new year having seen some significant changes, resulting in a superb team. The relationship between Independent Examiners and Advice For the Voluntary Sector has strengthened and AFVS now has a simpler name; Trust Advice.

We are very transparent and are always happy to talk with old and new clients, so do drop us a line or give us a call if you would like to know anything more about our unique business.

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