Our Manuals and Guides are perfect for when you need a steer on a bigger topic. They provide direction and information that we hope will be helpful to you. These are ideal to have on the shelf and refer to from time to time. We have a growing selection of manuals, containing useful information in one place around a topic. Our guides give a more step-by-step approach. Members find that these are ideal to have around to dip into and reference. 

Conversely, our Tool Kits come as more of a package. Designed to provide our members with a complete set of documents, resources and specific guidance, they enable you to put together your own handbook/manual. These are great for when you’re just getting started, or when you need an overhaul.

Manual – These contain a general selection of documents around a subject written to give an understanding and reference point for information for ongoing use. 

Guides – These will point you in the right direction and help you take some steps as to what you could do. 

Tool Kits – These provide all you need to know in one place to make your own bespoke manual with steps to choosing what is appropriate for your organisation, what to do and guidance on how to put it together.

Giving you confidence that you are compliant and providing sound information to cover all the bases, these additional documents in our membership offering soon pay for themselves with clarity and peace of mind. 

We are currently revising all our documents, manuals, guides and toolkits. We will be bringing them online as and when they are completed, so do keep a look out. If there is something you need in the meantime, we probably have it available and can work something out for you whilst we are in process. Do get in touch

We have lots of ideas but are starting with the following which are currently being revised:

  • Guide to Gift Aid
  • Guide to Trustee Induction
  • Administrators Manual
  • Trustees Manual
  • Financial Controls Toolkit
  • MOT your Charity Toolkit

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