Our General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Tool Kit has been developed over the years to ensure we keep things simple, whilst making sure you are compliant. There is a lot of noise around this regulation and it is important you don’t get swamped, wondering what you can and can’t do. Sadly, there is a lot of fear-based marketing, pushing services and products at the charity sector which is already struggling under a red-tape burden. At Trust Advice, we will help you sort through the complexity and find a good balance, to ensure compliance and that data is safe and well handled. The many provisions and requirements can be broken down into simpler steps, to enable your charity to handle personal information appropriately. We offer training and a GDPR Tool Kit, covering the most important areas such as the guiding principles of GPDR, key terms and definitions, and good practice guidelines. Our team and specialist partners can also help you review your current GDPR policy and procedures to find out where you might need to fill in some gaps.

Please contact us to purchase our GDPR Tool Kit or to arrange bespoke training for your organisation.

We have the tools you need to help you to make the preparations to become compliant with any relevant GDPR legislation, for example:

  • Privacy Notices
  • Information Security
  • Subject Access Requests (SARs)
  • Data Breaches

Get in touch to let us know your concerns and how we can help.